Volunteer Toronto is Canada’s largest volunteer centre with over 40 years of experience connecting volunteers to the organizations that need them. Our services support local volunteers in finding opportunities to make a positive difference in their community. Through in-person and online training, we also educate and help non-profit organizations and community groups run successful volunteer programs.

The Grassroots Growth project will help us achieve these goals by providing support to Ontario’s robust and expanding networks of grassroots groups. These organizations are often the driving force behind initiatives to build and strengthen communities, advocate for and support marginalized groups, and address the most pressing social issues facing our communities. They cultivate inclusive, empowered communities through a passionate, volunteer-led commitment to change. Although managing volunteers effectively is a key factor in the success of any non-profit, it’s particularly crucial for grassroots groups that rely solely on volunteers to achieve their missions. By providing the leaders of grassroots groups with training, resources, and an online community of practice, the Grassroots Growth project will empower these groups to expand their reach and increase their impact.


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